25 - 02 - 2020


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EL84 ( 6BQ5 )
Pris 125,00 kr

För t.ex dynaco st-35 sca35 ,braun csv-13 vox ac30 m.fl

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http://www.thetubestore.com/EL84-Tube-Review säger om JJ el84 :

This tube has been a personal favorite of mine so the review is not entirely unbiased. With the JJ you seem to get a compromise between tone and reliability. Nice mids, sparkling highs and solid bottom end characterize this tube. From a construction standpoint I think JJ has hit the mark. As with any EL84 they can be prone to mechanical noise in combo amps. However, they seem to take the heat and vibration in stride without any negative tonal effects. In the AC30 the JJ tubes really delivered the VOX chime with lots of swirl and shimmery harmonic content. In the little Pro Junior just crank it up and you get a great, nasty, overdriven sound. That’s not bad, it’s good. When pushed hard into the land of the square wave they remind me a lot of a good 6V6. If you have tried the OEM Sovtek’s that shipped in your amp it’s worth your time to try a set of JJ EL84’s. Many convert and never go back. In cathode biased amps you can generally plug and play for that hot creamy “woman tone” that so many desire.

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onsdag, 23 oktober 2019
Hej Peter, Jag har nu lyssnat på JJ:s El 84 i min SCA 35 och de låter jättebra och så är de superfint matchade oxå! Stort tack! mvh Alf Petersson

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