16 - 02 - 2020


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Beam Tetrod som ersätter EL34
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KT-77 är  ett alternativ som många uppfattar som "fylligare" och med mera närvaro. Mycket linjära, se datablad.


Alltid testade före leverans.

Vid köp av jämna par, matchning utan kostnad.


http://www.thetubestore.com/EL34-Tube-Review   säger om KT-77:

The KT77 has been gone for many years and original NOS pieces are rare and expensive. JJ electronics has revived the design and released their own version. To my ears it sounds a lot like a 6L6 but has the heater current, max plate voltage and output rating of an EL34.The JJ KT77 has published specs that are identical to the original Genalex specs. The base has pin 1 included but there is no connection to any internal element. The sound is somewhere between an EL34 and a 6L6. Overall a nice balance of tone in bass, midrange and treble. The breakup is earlier than a 6L6 with more compression but not as compressed as the EL34. Unlike an EL34 this tube can be used in place of a 6L6 in Fender amps with minimal modifications.

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