22 - 03 - 2019


DC/DC omvandlare
DC 12V till 200 - 450V
Pris 200,00 kr


Användbar att skapa anodspänning till mindre förstärkare

Totalt 70W


Ur tillverkarens datablad :

1.Input: DC 9-24V
2.Lowest starting voltage: 8.4V
3.Output:adjustable DC 220V-450V (MAX 450V the output voltage is stable even the input voltage is changing)
4.Power: 40W continuously working, it can reach 70W occational working.
5.Size: 85*50*28MM
6.Under voltage protection: yes. when the input is less than 7.6V, the voltage will not be boosting
7.Reverse connection protection: yes
8.Indicator: the led will be on when the charging is finished
9.Charging time: to charge 1000UF capacitance to 450V, it will take about 5 seconds
10.Notice: when the power is big, the assurance may burn, you need to change to get the module back to work.
11.Recommand power supply for the converter: DC 12V lead-acid battery or 4-series of 18650 batteries, which can provide a current over 7A.


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